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Site moved!

Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:01 pm by Zero

I've moved the site? Why? Because I used a much more customize-able free forum hosting website to recreate the site. This would explain most of my inactivity. I think it looks much better. Take a look! Which do you like better?

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Ideas, Ideas and More Ideas!

Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:34 pm by Zero

Ideas! I have some.. but I need more!

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Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil

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Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil Empty Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil

Post by Iaza on Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:06 pm

Name: Iaza S. Daemon
Alias: Iaza, Mother of Evil, Iaza Saanp (No longer goes by the last name of Daemon, since she killed her husband)
Age:  23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Naga
Alignment: Chaotic evil. If there was an evil beyond this, she would be that.

Guild/Organization/Team: The Cult of Anima
Rank: Leader? Second in command?
Height: 6'
Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Her skin is a pale, peach color, with her bottom scales being a dark green, blackish color. Though, if you shine sunlight on them, the scales will appear to shimmer.
Eyes: Red, slit
Hair: She has short, black, wild hair, that only goes down to barely touching her shoulders. It is usually untamed and tangled, as she likes to live in the wilderness, away from civilization. However, it also has lots of volume, and although you can't really see it when she has it tangled, it is wavy, much like her daughter's.
Looks: Iaza is not often what you would imagine a snake woman to appear to look like. Most people would imagine a beautiful, mermaid-esque woman, with long, beautiful hair, and full breasts. Rather, Iaza is the opposite of this. She is a dirty, bloody, slender woman, with tangled, messy hair, and a long, pitch black, shimmering snake tail, that is about fifteen feet long. She has a few scars, including one along her stomach, one on her arm, and another across her mouth. She also has some long, sharp claws, as every where down from her elbow is scaled. Her eyes are also a deep shade of crimson, and slit, like a regular snake, as well as she has a forked tongue. Because of her snake features making it hard for her to wear anything, really, she mostly only wears some old, battle wound bandages around the top part of her chest, leaving the rest of her body exposed. However, because nagas are reptilian, they do not have breasts, because those are mammalian features. Because of her unpredictable personality, she may sometimes be clean, and up kept, and other times, may be the wild monster that she is.
Iaza Daemon Visuals:
Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil The_naga___commission_by_raffaelemarinetti-d523e96

Hobbies/skills: Iaza is very skilled at persuasion, when she isn't in moments of deep insanity. While she may not appear the most beautiful, she uses her confusing and alluring words to trick people into doing whatever she desires them to do, and feels little to no empathy towards what happens to her victims. Because of her nature, Iaza has also practiced a variety of, not very friendly tasks. These include assassination, homicide, genocide, and overall a very violent nature. In fact, she was once ordered to kill off the rest of a dying species, which adds to her cruelty. She particularly enjoys stabbing people. But violence is not the only thing Iaza is capable of. She is also constantly trying to corrupt others onto the side of evil, and does this as if perfected to an art.
Strengths: Because of her practice and immorality, Iaza is incapable of feeling during battle, as she shows no regret when it comes to slicing someone into pieces. She is absolutely heartless a large majority of the time. When she is not drowning in her own insanity, she can also be very cunning and manipulative, using blackmail and even threats to get people to do what she wants them to. But those are just her mental strengths. Physically, Iaza is very fast, and very nimble and agile, being a snake woman, as it is inherent in their blood. When not fighting, she can race at speeds from 15-25 miles per hour, depending on how tired she is at the moment. Her flexibility is also a big factory, able to bend and squirm into shapes that most people wouldn't be able to get into without intense training. Which she has had. That being said, these abilities are all out numbered by one simple, mind's weakness.
Weaknesses: Because of Iaza's crippling depression, and her varied lifestyle, she has many different kinds of insanity. She can be calm, collected, and manipulative at times, cunning and violent, able to map out targets to strike, and come up with cunning strategies. But this is only when her insanity has its weakest hold on her, which is rare, now, with the death of both her husband, and daughter, dragging her down into even deeper insanity. Because of this insanity, Iaza can go extreme fits of personality change, that can blind her in battle. For example, she could suddenly become incredibly upset and depressed, crying hysterically when nothing is happening. Other times, she can lose all logical sense of cunning, and simply go into a wild haze of blows and fighting, ignoring any pain that is inflicted onto her, which could kill her if precaution isn't taken. Her movements also become unpredictable, but because she is blinded by rage of hate, she may be a lot easier to attack. Another weakness of Iaza's is her weakness to any kind of holy magic. For example, angelic magic can hurt her more than any other kind of magic could. She is also weak against long ranged attacks, such as bows and long-ranged magic, as she especially enjoys fighting with a knife.
Special abilities: Iaza does not possess very many 'unique' abilities, beyond her agility and power over a knife.However, she is also skilled in creating magical barriers, and fire magic. Her strongest power out of all these abilities is her Demon's Blood Barrier. This is, where Iaza takes her own blood, scatters it in a circle around her, and creates an impassible barrier. This barrier can not be passed by either her, or the opponent, so they are both locked in/out. The barrier is also incredibly hard to break, and can last between 5-30 minutes, depending on how much blood she uses. Though if she uses too much blood, she can pass out. The barrier, while hard to break, is like a diamond. Difficult to crack open, but shatters easily when you hit the sweet spot. Because the shape and glow of the barrier, it is difficult to find the sweet spot. It is located directly above the barrier. The size of the barrier is about a five meter radius, though it may be bigger depending on how much blood is used. It is about five to seven meters tall, making getting up there to hit the top of the barrier, difficult in the first place. Escaping from the inside, however, is nearly impossible, and you would have to strike five different locations inside the barrier, all at once.
Attacks: Fireball- A large ball of fire is blasted at the opponent. Takes 5 magic power, deals 10 damage.
Fire wave- A ball of fire is blasted at the ground, causing a sudden explosion of fire. Take 25 magic, deals 30 damage.
Blitz- A sudden spark is launched at the opponent, causing a small wave of fire, that spreads to various locations. Takes 15 magic, deals 25 damage.
Combustion- A sudden, explosive, more powerful version of fire wave is launched, which can be very explosive and destructive. Takes 50 magic, deals 75 damage. Can cause damage to caster.
Flame Shield: Iaza twirls around, causing a plume of fire to surround/engulf around her. Costs 10 magic, deals 5-30 damage, depending on how close you are to it.
Combat style: Very varied. Can be calculated and observant, to very wild and unpredictable onslaught of knives.

Personality: As mentioned above, Iaza's personality can be very mixed do to her insanity. But, lets start off by saying that Iaza can be incredibly destructive and chaotic, and is, in fact, very insane, and incredibly evil, and no caution should ever be taken around her. Now that that's out of the way, let's start off by saying what you already know. Iaza is a cruel, heartless, manipulative, persuasive, evil monster, who will inflict cruelty onto all of those who think they are better than her, or she thinks could potentially get in her way. This is especially true to those who she finds as a threat. She will also do anything in her power to corrupt those that she deems are strong enough to join her. She can be wild when it comes to her emotions, switching between sadness and depression, madness and anger, happiness and glee, and a variety of other things, that are intensified ten fold by the fact that she is in deep insanity. She had portrayed traits of both a psychopathic character and a sociopath, as she will act harmless, and attach herself to one person, but on the inside she feels nothing inside about them. The only occasion where this is not true is with Liana. Because of Iaza's deep motherly love for Liana, and her desire to keep her daughter safe, she is seen to take extremes to make her daughter happy, and actually gave her up for adoption in fear that Dragel would kill her. When both Liana and Dragel died, it only added to her deep depression and insanity.
Likes: Murder, stabbing people, corruption, conflict, and sometimes, on rare occasions, flirting. (Hey, where do you think Liana got it from? A psychopathic, flirtatious type? That's just like Liana!)
Dislikes: Anything holy, being reminded of her past, Dragel and those she has corrupted(Aka the group of the corrupt who have turned on her.)
Fears: That Dragel will return one day and take her soul for defying him (As she was the one who murdered him), and she is also afraid that those she has corrupted will turn on her, and kill her. Because of her insanity, she can go through fits of fear where she is scared of many other things, but there are too many to list.

Relatives: Shenhai Saanp- Brother[Unknown]
Agua Saanp - Mother[Deceased]
Raakshas Saanp- Father[Deceased]
Spouse: Dragel Daemon[Deceased], looking for a new boyfriend
Heir: Liana G. Daemon[Deceased]

Backstory: (This is the shortened version) A long time ago, an unknown amount of time, Iaza was a pure, innocent, neutral, naga, who simply wanted to live life to the fullest. She kept growing more daring, until one day, she stumbled upon a demon named Dragel. Dragel saw great potential in her, and offered to make her his wife, promising her great power. Being young and arrogant, Iaza agreed, not knowing that Dragel would turn her into a demon. However, something went wrong, and Iaza quickly was turned insane by the process. She spent most of her days with Dragel, conquering worlds with him. That was, until they had a child. Iaza knew how violent Dragel could be, and feared for the child, Liana's, life. So, Iaza found out exactly when the battle plan against Dragel was going to occur, for a group of powerful mages had been fighting Dragel for quite sometime. Rather than warning him, Iaza, told Dragel she was going somewhere for the weekend, and escaped with Liana. While Dragel was being sealed away, Iaza hid Liana deep within the woods.

Many years later, Liana grew up to be the most powerful creature the world had ever known. When Dragel awakened from the slumber the mages had put him in, he fought back violently against Liana, not knowing it had been Iaza who had made the ultimate choice to safe the demon from his evil. Eventually, Liana and Dragel met at the final battle. Iaza, having been almost killed by one of Liana's soldiers, saw that Liana was losing. Grabbing Dragel's ancient sword, she snuck up on him, and with her dying breath, killed the monster.

Iaza isn't sure what happened after that, but when she woke up, she was in a world reborn. And then she remembered. Dragel and Liana were both dead. It appeared that Iaza's demon had been flushed out of her, but after finding out about the death of her daughter, this alone drove the naga insane once again. To this day, she still isn't sure how she avoided death.


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Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil Empty Re: Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil

Post by Iaza on Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:41 am


Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil Fed


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Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil Empty Re: Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil

Post by Kronius on Tue Jan 26, 2016 3:24 pm


Kronius Dragon Form:
Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil Wt95r8

Awesome art of Kronius (dragon form)! All credit goes to Ami/Alex ^.^

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Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil Empty Re: Iaza Daemon, Mother of Evil

Post by Sponsored content

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