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Site moved!

Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:01 pm by Zero

I've moved the site? Why? Because I used a much more customize-able free forum hosting website to recreate the site. This would explain most of my inactivity. I think it looks much better. Take a look! Which do you like better?

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Ideas, Ideas and More Ideas!

Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:34 pm by Zero

Ideas! I have some.. but I need more!

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Dragons Empty Dragons

Post by Zero on Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:01 am

Name: Ignis Spiritus.
Dubbed Name: Dragon.
Classification: Reptile.
Order: Carnivorous.
Family: Lizard.
Sub-Species: N/A.
Life Span: 3000-5000 yrs.
Appearance: Once giant, thickly scaled lizards equipped with wings, forked tongues, long tails and snake like fangs, dragons can now vary in appearance. However, still possess their lizard-like qualities. Dragons can come in a range of different colors, some being the darkest black to the whitest white and everywhere inbetween. Every dragon is made differently, some with forked tongues and others without. Depending on the type of dragon they can have different features, like water dragons having gills and fins or sky dragons having larger wings and lungs. Same with color, although not all go with their type, like seeing a brown ice-like dragon without spines or rigid claws. They have specialized lungs that allow them to exhale specific elements such as ice and fire.
Habitat: Dragon's habitats depend on their elements and can range from volcanoes to icy tundras. The type of climate they live in is usually what their power is, as an ice dragon wouldn't usually be found in a volcanic region. Water-like dragons tend to stick to wet places like oceans, swamps, or even rainforests so that their scales don't dry out. The only dragon that doesn't seem to care where they live is sky-like dragons, although they like to live in high places. Other dragons tend to stay to their relitive regions, although it's not uncommon to find one exploring or hunting, or even destroying villages.
Diet: A dragon's diet depends on what is available to them. They will willingly eat any animal they can fit into their jaws. This can also depend on region, as an ice-like dragon would eat caribou, rabbits, and snow foxes as they'd live in their harsh winter environments. Fire-like and sky-like dragons would go out in search of food more often as not many animals can live in very hot places and sky-like dragons don't have much of a set home.
Behavior: Dragons are similar to humans. Their behavior depends on how they are raised, not instinct. Abandon babies learn quickly, either learning how to hunt themselves or getting help from someone else for the first bit. Dragons are typically hot-headed, being quick to attack anything that annoys them. This is the main reason they can be seen attacking villages of humans. Of course, like humans, they are very diverse in personality. Some dragons live in groups while others prefer solitude, this can also depend on how they were raised. Type can also change a dragon's mood, as sky-like dragons are more free and love to race than the water-like dragons who like to stay near a source of water at most times.

Red Dragon:
Dragons 8a940ebd-8630-4247-888e-c4c611f4f0e2
... Roar, snap, growl, those are the most common things to hear from a dragon...
Baby Dragon:
Dragons 66d00e7864d17d43f97e630d7274eb08
... Even though adult dragons are big, baby dragons are small enough to fit in your hand...
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