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Site moved!

Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:01 pm by Zero

I've moved the site? Why? Because I used a much more customize-able free forum hosting website to recreate the site. This would explain most of my inactivity. I think it looks much better. Take a look! Which do you like better?

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Ideas, Ideas and More Ideas!

Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:34 pm by Zero

Ideas! I have some.. but I need more!

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Grimmace; Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins

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Grimmace; Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins Empty Grimmace; Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins

Post by Zero on Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:30 pm

Name: Grimmace.
Alias: The Grim Reaper, The Harvester.
Age: Immortal, unfortunately.
Gender: Grimmace is referred to as a male. However, does not have a gender.
Sexuality: Asexual.
Species: Reaper.
Alignment: True Neutral.

Guild/Organization/Team: Unknown. Nobody knows which side he works for; Heaven or hell. That is up to you to decide.
Rank: Reaper.
Height: 6'8.
Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Bones.
Eyes: Two tiny white glowing orbs in the back of his eye sockets.
Hair: Grim is a bald skeleton ;).
Looks: Grimmace is the skeleton of an anthropomorphic carnivorous mammal with long antelope-like horns pointed upright. He wears a ragged black cloak that drapes over his horns and shoulders.
Grimmace; Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins Soothsayer_by_sopossum-d5504j3
Weapons: N/A
Items: N/A

Hobbies/skills: Grimmace enjoys doing what he does best; Reaping souls and punishing the sinners. However, when he is short of work (which happens to be very rare),  he wishes to do nothing but observe the mortals as he finds them rather interesting. Occasionally, to amuse himself, he'll scare some poor soul.
Strengths: Obviously Grim's greatest strength is his immortality. You can't beat death with death! Grim is also mentally strong. He is cunning, clever and a great strategist. Not only that but he is completely numb to physical pain.
Weaknesses: Grimmace must be weary not to overuse his power in the over world or he'll be forced back into the demon world until he can recover.
Special abilities:

Grimmace can use 'mind over matter' to fling his opponents body around like a ragdoll. This could easily mangle, bruise or knockout his opponent.  He can also use it to hurl object in the area around him at his opponents with great force. This ability can become gruesome quickly...

Reaper's Curse
Grim's signature magic ability. When 'reaping' souls, Grimmace uses shadow magic to form a shadow 'hand' that fazes through the creature he is reaping and 'tears' out it's soul, exposing it to Grimmace so he can send it off to either Heaven or Hell. If used on souls not ready to harvest, Grimmace faces extreme consequences that include the stripping of his powers.

Shepherd of Shadows
Grimmace can manipulate dark matter or 'shadows with mass' to harm enemies. He can also create shadow objects using this ability.

Abyssal Orbs
Grimmace can summon and hurl orbs of dark matter at his opponent. These orbs explode on contact and deal devastating amounts of damage. They, however, are inaccurate and rarely ever directly hit their target.

Etherious Anti-matter Beam
Grim can charge up beams of concentrated dark matter in his fists. When fully charged, this dark matter beam pierces anything it hits. This is because it is infused with Etherious-Matter, a type of Anti-Matter specialized for Demon usage. It destroys anything and everything that isn't itself and the magic it is used with.

Shadow Binds
Grim can use shadow 'tendrils' to wrap around and constrict an opponent to the point of suffocation or the crushing of bones and organs.

Dark-Matter Blades
Grimmace can use dark-matter to create bladed weapons such as swords, spears, katanas, and knives to use against enemies when up-close and personal. These dark-matter blades, like the Anti-Matter Beam, are infused with Etherious Anti-Matter, allowing them to pierce anything. Grimmace can summon multiple of these and can use his telekinesis to control them if he desires.

Ethereal Bow
Grimmace, like his blades, can summon a dark-matter bow. The heads of the arrows are, like the blades, infused with Etherious Anti-Matter.

Personality: Grimmace is quite the mysterious creature. He is anti-social and prefers to seclude himself from the company of others. But what could be expected from The Grim Reaper? Although being immortal could seem like a blessing to mortals, to Grimmace it is quite the opposite. To him. his 'job' is the equivalent slavery. Thus, he envies mortals and tries to insert himself into their lifestyle as much as possible. Grim is quite stone-hearted. He has to be.. He does not feel emotions as truly as mortals would. Although.. Sometimes he can't help but feel bad for the souls he takes.. Grimmace is quite protective of his emotions, preferring not to expose them to strangers. However, once he feels comfortable, he may crack a smile.
Likes: Reaping, punishing, observing and being alone.
Dislikes: Being immortal, other demons, foolery, power (as he believes it corrupts).
Fears: The only thing a reaper could fear is himself..
Relatives: N/A
Spouse: N/A
Heir: N/A

Backstory: (LATUR).

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Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins
Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins

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Grimmace; Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins Empty Re: Grimmace; Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins

Post by Kronius on Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:58 pm


Kronius Dragon Form:
Grimmace; Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins Wt95r8

Awesome art of Kronius (dragon form)! All credit goes to Ami/Alex ^.^

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