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Site moved!

Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:01 pm by Zero

I've moved the site? Why? Because I used a much more customize-able free forum hosting website to recreate the site. This would explain most of my inactivity. I think it looks much better. Take a look! Which do you like better?

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Ideas, Ideas and More Ideas!

Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:34 pm by Zero

Ideas! I have some.. but I need more!

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Kronius, the Last Archdragon

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Kronius, the Last Archdragon

Post by Kronius on Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:42 am

Name: Kronius
Alias: Klu, Dragonslayer, Wandering Apothecary, Flutist, Bounty Hunter
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Dragon
Alignment: Neutral

Guild/Organization/Team: N/A
Rank: N/A
Height: 100ft
Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Fur and Scales
Eyes: Amber

HUMAN form: Kronius simply adopts a disheveled blonde hair grown just touching his shoulders.


DRAGON form:

Kronius was a large dragon of green, yellow and white with fur growing from most portions of his body and gradually excluding from the tip of his snout, his claws and the tip of his tail, where they were covered in scales. Predominantly, Kronius was green with some yellow highlights down his body, and white for his underbelly. His wings were feathered, but instead of actual feathers, they were longer and thicker bristles of fur.


HUMAN form:

Kronius could only achieve this form by drinking a humanity potion. He was mostly an average slim human lookalike, with blonde hair and grey eyes. (See picture)

Human form:


Kronius was a well-known flute and panpipes player, commonly wandering all over the world to satisfy his appetite. Though he didn’t always play for everybody, he had a firm belief that some people can be healed or calmed when they hear music playing. Although he enjoyed his music, Kronius never kept a score sheet, neither did he play music more than once. Rather, he would let it come to him.

Puzzles and Chess
Following his mentor’s example, Kronius was an avid puzzle solver and chess player, having successfully beaten his mentor a few times in the end before his sudden disappearance. Kronius was more interested in the most difficult puzzles or the most tense of chess games that simple moves or versing amateur players can easily bore him. As a result, Kronius liked to see himself as a strategist and would try and resolve matters using his logical thinking.

A magical artefact passed down to him by his mentor. Being told to practise using it regularly, Kronius initially struggled with even making a simple and small object and was often frustrated with it. However, his patience eventually paid off and he was able to make more complicated structures. It did not help that his mentor had collected ‘upgrades’ for the timepiece and making it a lot more difficult than it really should. Whenever he was bored he would practise making more complicated structures.

Kronius gained this interest when his mentor exposed him to the arts of potion crafting at a very early age, and he began studying well before anyone else could prior to entering universities. Kronius quickly became an ace and a prodigy, being able to make a huge variety of potions for varying purposes, including but not limited to, as an oral medicine for patients, or to produce the aroma needed for aromatherapy, or to create an ideal solution to accelerate plant growth etc. Kronius could also name almost any herb he encountered in his travels, as well as describing their different properties and uses for any potion.

Botanist and Toxins
A branch of Alchemy that Kronius was most fond about was getting into enchanted or exotic plants and how they produced the herbs or poisons he needed for potions. Normally this was a dangerous field, as magically enchanted plants were alive and moving, and could potentially be lethal to those who were not experienced in dealing with them. Kronius’s interest in toxins was not limited to those that came from plants however, but could come from many sources, e.g. Snakes.

Arts of Manipulation
From where Kronius was from, it was a vile and cruel world where only the strongest would reach the top, no matter what everyone else would think. This could be through the use of intelligence, the use of muscles and magic, or preferably, the use of words. Kronius had studied this art before, with and without assistance from his mentor that most of the time he relied on it to get to where he was. If anything, he had sworn an Oath not to lie, making it a lot more difficult than it should be, but still possible.

Kronius’ mentor taught him more than just Alchemy. He also taught him how to fight with a rapier, and preferably a rapier because of how light it was, though it did have its own set of weaknesses. Kronius had practised fighting with a rapier that he was well above an average fencer, but hi E.hs focus was not on fighting, for he preferred the books and potions themselves. He would welcome any sparring match though.

Kronius was not muscular and did not possess a bulky body, meaning he could easily be taken out with a good number of strikes. Due to most of his time staying human and binging on human potions, he did not have adequate enough time to exercise his muscles for either speed or strength. However, this did not mean he was completely weak. Kronius was still a fast and strong dragon, but comparing it another dragon, he was outclassed.

Where most of his strengths lie. Kronius was much stronger with his mind, being able to come with certain strategies and granting himself stamina to use whenever he had to activate his timepiece. As a dragon, his mentality was strong enough to allow him to summon and conjure a clockwork army of thousands, but this was significantly reduced if he was in human form.

Weapon dependent
This goes for both his forms, in that he was reliant on either having a rapier in hand, a gun or his timepiece. Being confiscated of all of these rendered him vulnerable and defenceless. However, if he was in his dragon form, he could still use his subpar physical capabilities for a dragon to defend himself.

Being a duellist meant not being able to focus on more than one enemies at the same instance. Kronius could not perfectly divide his mind such that he could subconsciously focus on another while attacking one, and so his fighting power would drop the more enemies he had to face. Note, this weakness only applies if two or more enemies attack him IN THE SAME INSTANCE. That means if one decided to attack first, then the other, Kronius could easily dispatch/disarm the first before concentrating on the second and kill them.

Mental Fatigue
This correlated to how frequently he used his timepiece. The longer or more pieces he released and controlled, the easier he would become fatigued. Training the mind was a lot harder than training the muscles, and required his utmost focus. Because of this reason, the timepiece was perhaps the most difficult weapon to master. Kronius could not vainly throw any structures at his enemies and watch them destroy it all, hence why he needed to judge what he needed and where to put them carefully.

Special abilities:
Archdragon’s breath (DRAGON only)
After a long period of charging in his maw, Kronius would fire a bright and extremely potent beam of yellow energy, exploding anything it came in contact with. The longer he charged, the faster and stronger it would become, maximum Mach 1 and strength enough to vapourise steel. Kronius could further the speed and radius of his blast by forming dials with his timepiece, increasing the speed to its absolute maximum of 9000m/s and radius of 50m.

Timepiece Exclusive abilities

Kronius carries with him a strange Timepiece with a blue dragon’s eye in the centre, adorned with a variety of curves and ornaments of silver around it. The Timepiece seems to have a life of its own, as the eye turns to stare at any threats with its soul-piercing gaze.

Opening such a device will cause dials and gears, made from magic and carved out in such a manner that they look like spell circles, to spill out and reorganise themselves to form a large astronomical clock, while surrounding the user in an armillary globe:

Example of a spell circle gear:
”Armillary sphere that appears”:

Kronius’s Timepiece consists of millions of gears, pivots, wires, etc. The pocket watch was unique in a sense that it also incorporated tiny marbles, light sources and mirrors, all working in sync with the gears to tell time, the positions of the sun, moon and constellations. Using telekinesis, Kronius can manipulate each individual piece to build into anything he desires and, using the same telekinesis, animate them and access their capabilities. However, no two pieces are the same and although there are unlimited possibilities, the user needs to know how to build them first and maintain it. This is therefore considered the most desired but hardest magical artefact to master.

Kronius can create many different structures, from anything as small as a feather to as large as a skyscraper. Additionally, he can make multiple number of structures, not just one, and with anything as simple as a snap of a finger, he can cause those structures to change, no matter how far away he is from them. Note, anything Kronius builds will be made solely of the Timepiece’s components and will therefore adopt a steampunk theme. Kronius could also build animals and bring them to life to fight alongside him. But he could also create mythical creatures, e.g. dragons, phoenixes or any other beast. His only limit was his imagination. The Timepiece also housed a few selected Spirits he met in his journey that resembles different aspects of the Timepiece (e.g. Offense, Defence etc.). Losing these spirits meant he could not activate certain elements for his Timepiece (see below).

However, Kronius has limited number of pieces and building anything as big as a claymore or complex as a gun can take almost 1/10th of his pieces. He can supplement any missing pieces (in case he ran out) using ‘false’ pieces, which he earns by fighting. The force of impact on the Timepiece pieces (registered by attacking and defending) will be measured and converted into false pieces, assuming the structure doesn’t break. Blocking a simple sword swing can generate ~These false pieces can be stored in any structures Kronius had placed, but then enemies can deplete all those hard-earned false pieces by breaking the structures storing them.

Durability of the Timepiece pieces vary, depending on how thick and rigid the structures are made (e.g. thin areas are more fragile than thicker ones). Individual pieces however, are tough as diamonds and highly reinforced with strong magic, making it practically impossible to destroy them. Note, breaking Kronius’s structures don’t necessarily mean destroying the pieces, but putting enough force on their foundations so that they split in two or topple over. False pieces have the same durability.

Primarily, Kronius starts any fight by forming a rapier, which is what he's most skilled at using, as well as using the least amount of pieces. The rapier suffers from the same fragility rating as any standard rapier, but Kronius can improve its strength and durability with false pieces.

There are specialised gears in his Timepiece, which housed the Spirits and could alter the watch’s function and capabilities, depending on what was activated. Normally these specialised gears were of different colour and were obvious if the timepiece was taken apart.

Perfect Guardian of Three Moons, Mirage
A silver weapon that had expanded its width, thereby increasing durability significantly. Thin streams of silver, blue and red also circled along the blade. Inside this blade, housed many additional pieces that, when released, could expand the blade further to form rectangular shields of any size (-10% to -30%), up to a sphere completely enclosing him (however this expends a lot of false pieces; 60%, and was deemed very inefficient). This sphere consisted of many dials circulating the protected area, similar to that of an armillary globe. Kronius could switch Mirage into two stages, as listed below:

Blue Moon

Mirage turns blue and silver. Kronius could ‘draw’ shields in the air (-10%), which will leave trails of blue pieces that would linger for a brief period until nothing struck it for a brief duration. However, if Kronius drew a ring around him, the pieces connect into a dial, which Kronius could manipulate as it spun around him. The magical properties of Mirage made it tough like titanium and could block large scale physical and energy attacks.

Red Moon

Mirage turns red and silver. At this stage, Mirage sacrifices most of its defensive properties (down to just being able to make rectangular shields) in exchange for a bit of offense. Its offensive damage was almost negligent, but it could offer a chance to stun his enemies. Striking the blade against an enemy would temporarily pull them into their subconscious state for a brief second, as their vision would turn red, almost equivalent to what they would see in a red moon, during that time. This would expend false pieces (-20%).

The wolf spirit named Mirage represented this aspect of the Timepiece.

Cursed Hunter of Life, Nemesis
A weapon of red and gold. In this form, the weapon exchanges its defences and durability for offence, therefore becoming more fragile and vulnerable to breaking from large forces. This weapon also possessed anti-life properties. As such, it had the ability to not only cut through foes of the most durable skin, but also negate and destroy, creating unhealable wounds. Due to its negating effects, it could also cut through anything made from magic or life energies etc.
Kronius can combine his knowledge on the human body and strike nerve points (or other points depending on whatever magic system) to disable his foes, rendering them unable to move a limb or channel energy into that limb. However, Kronius’s studies were based on theories that if he severed a magic stream, it would amend itself but improperly, as part of the healing process. Anyone overflowing with energy can overcome the effects, but energy flowing through the affected point can cause it to ‘mal-function’ and therefore affect the outcome of the attack (e.g. poor accuracy, low power, low range etc.) and cause considerable pain to the affected area.
Note, Kronius needed to impale his foes in order to have this to take effect. His fire did not carry any anti-life properties. Additionally, this form hadn’t improved its durability and still break easily if the right amount of force hits the thinnest and vital part of the structure. Wounds sustained by Anti-life could be healed again, once it breaks.

The phoenix spirit, Nemesis, represented this aspect of the Timepiece.

Mystical Nurturer of Nature, Enigma
A copper and green weapon, with small intertwining branches along the blade. Kronius can stab the blade into the ground, causing the area in a radius up to 50m to glow green and emit specks of emerald dust into the air harmlessly. While standing in this area, Kronius can summon more rapiers anywhere around that radius, though they would be rooted on the ground, handle-up, and therefore cannot be used by itself to attack enemies. The primary purpose of this was to ensure Kronius was always armed with a blade, and enable him to dash around the field and get into any position if needed. Alternatively, Kronius can cause some of these rapiers to explode into tiny razor petals, which would flutter and spiral in a vortex towards any direction Kronius desired.

The deer spirit, Enigma represented this aspect of the Timepiece.

Prideful Messenger of Archangels, Apotheosis
The structure became transparent and replicates into an additional nine of itself (-45%), which would hover behind Kronius in an orientation similar to wings. Kronius could guide his ‘wings’ around telepathically, attacking and blocking any nearing enemies. The blades could also become ‘one with the wind’ and seemingly fade from existence, only to teleport around enemies and lunge towards them repeatedly. However, this would render Kronius completely defenceless if he didn’t have anything to defend himself with.

The Pegasus spirit, Apotheosis represented this aspect of the Timepiece.

Ephemeral Guide of Light, Pulse
The structure turns white and is equipped with a flintlock mechanism to the structure, making it a ranged weapon. By holding the trigger, the gear hammer spins and grinds against the ‘flint’, which would create numerous of false pieces that merge to form multiple floating white marbles. Releasing the trigger would cause all the marbles to fire towards the direction Ephemeral is pointing to, and they would open into throwing knives.
Using his eye and imagination, Kronius could guide a marble off slightly by imagining a wire track leading the marble to another structure. If a marble passes one of the structures on the field, it would explode into more marbles and fire off towards where Kronius was pointing. Kronius can imagine multiple tracks but it will cause a lot of mental stress.

The dove spirit, Pulse represented this aspect of the Timepiece.

Feral Predator of Dark, Euphoria
Structure turns black and adds a flintlock mechanism to the structure, making it a ranged weapon. Compared to Pulse, Euphoria only fires one marble at a time, with its range and power increasing the longer Kronius holds the trigger. At maximum power, Feral pierces through all sorts of defences, but due to the long charging up, foes can better prepare themselves by distracting Kronius and forcing him to expend the marble at another target.
Kronius can guide the path of the marble. If it hits another structure on the field, it will explode, the marble absorbing the pieces, and will either speed up by another factor of 2 or permit Kronius to redirect the marble (in case it missed).

The owl spirit, Euphoria represented this aspect of the Timepiece.

Kronius can dash from structure to structure with such incredible speed that he seemed to have blurred away from existence. Using such a move allows Kronius to instantly attack any foes standing in between him and a rooted structure of his. However, unless he does hit someone in between, he will lose 'false' pieces (-20%).

”Time Manipulation”:

Time Field
Kronius’s time field operates by expanding a dome/sphere over an area of space with varying size (drains more false pieces the bigger the dome). As he creates a field, it will have a large clock of magic with its hands either spinning really fast, slow or frozen. The range at which he can create the field is limited to his arm’s length. He can, however, create fields over structures made from his pocket watch. Only one field can be created at any time. Kronius can choose to become immune to the effects of his field if he is inside, and he can also choose when his pocket watch structures will be affected.

”What the clock looks like inside the field:

Controlling time could carry a lot of consequences and is deemed unviable due to how it is linked to space. In order to overcome this, Kronius has to create a closed dimension of his own through the use of his field, where he can manipulate time while causing little detrimental effects as possible once he dispels the fields. The outcome is successful, as Kronius is able to bloom very rare flowers that would have taken centuries, or heal bleeding and critical patients by slowing their blood flow.

Time-Slow (-40%)
As stated, Kronius casts a time-slowing field. Anyone caught inside the field will see everything outside moving extremely fast, as if time had sped up. In addition to the size, Kronius can expend more false pieces to increase the slowing factor. This field, however, is fragile. Any physical objects in contact with the field surface would cause it to shatter like glass. Anything as small as dust particles are excluded, but those the size of pebbles can break it. Note, energy-based projectiles (basically anything intangible) will not break the field.

Time-Accelerate (-40%)
Kronius creates a field where time accelerates. Anyone inside the field will see everything moving slow outside the field. Like Time-Slow, Kronius can change the acceleration factor by expending his false pieces, and the field also has the same fragility.

Time-Stop (-60%)
Kronius creates a field where time stops. Anyone caught inside will be frozen in place and unable to move or think until the field dispels. As such, everything would seem to have teleported into another location, adding confusion to those caught in this field. Compared to Time-Slow and Time-Accelerate, this field is durable. Anything physical contacting the edge of the field will also be frozen. Note, energy-based attacks will pass through the field without alteration.
This field costs more false pieces compared to the others. Although Kronius can walk inside the field without suffering its effects, he cannot alter space while time is frozen. As such, anything caught inside the Time-Stop dome were unmovable and indestructible. In order to combat this limit, Kronius would either fire ranged attacks (bullets, knives e.g.) which would freeze along the edges of the field, and throwing an array of weapons (often made by his Timepiece) all around the field towards the foe. These objects would retain their speed and force when Kronius dispels the field.

Alternate Choice (-20%)
Kronius creates a field around himself. A clone of Kronius splits from him and carries out a certain task within the field for a brief period of time before disappearing. More energy is expended the longer the clone is in effect. Only one clone can be created at any time. Harming the clone will cause it disappear and hurt the original Kronius.

An explanation for this ability has not yet been fully understood, but Kronius had come across theories. One, a multiverse theory which believes that timeline branches depending on choices an individual makes. Alternate Choice would force a desired branch to mix with Kronius’s current one for a brief period before splitting back to its original stream. Another theory is that Kronius somehow was able to reverse time within this field, being able to carry out that certain task before reverting time to where he was prior to the field’s creation. Of course, Kronius is still unable to reverse time, and this theory therefore means Kronius has yet to completely master the pocket watch.

”Time World”:

Kronius’ Timepiece had acquired a mystical hourglass, courtesy of his previous mentor. This hourglass was broken down to pieces of its own. It could not be combined with the original pieces to form any structure (at this time). The hourglass granted Kronius the privilege to become his own god and create multiple worlds, whether they be planets of volcanic activity, blizzards, a flourishing forest etc. The species that existed there were all strange and unseen creatures, all constructed in a clockwork fashion. Not all of Kronius’ worlds inhabit only clockwork species, but he preferred those worlds not to be destroyed.

Whenever Kronius was forced to use this, all of his true and false pieces would be expended as entry into one of his worlds. When activated, Kronius would teleport everyone within his area into his designated world for a set amount of time, dependent on the number of pieces he had exchanged (-40% per post). A large hourglass would appear above the world, with all the expended pieces converted to ‘sand’ and pouring down the hourglass. In these worlds, certain Spirits of his Timepieces would become stronger and others become weaker. Kronius’ number of true pieces become infinite, but he could only expend false pieces if he wanted to control time in an area.

When the hourglass expires, everyone would revert back to the real world, back at their original positions before coming into the world. Kronius’ true pieces would revert back to 100% and false pieces down to 0%.


Kronius’ attacks sacrificed power for speed of each thrusts, though with a rapier’s sharp tip, power hardly mattered unless he wanted to stab through a thick piece of metal. Kronius could sting with a rapier as fast as anyone could throw a punch. He hardly ever strike randomly around an adversary’s body, but would rather aim for nerve or critical points, trying to take away their ability to use that limb.

Combat style:

Kronius is a swordsman and duellist. If he is involved in a situation where he is up against multiple, difficult enemies, he would prioritise separating them from each other and taking them out one by one. Even then, this prolongs the fight and he may not have enough energy left in him to continue the fight.

He is almost always required to use specialised structures first, most commonly with Mirage, which he uses to scout his foes for their combat style, strengths and weaknesses. Whatever Spirit he uses, Kronius will always prioritise gaining as much 'false' pieces as possible, which will then allow him to perform an 'All or Nothing' attack where he consumes all of the 'false' pieces he gathered. This is pretty much a gamble, since all the enemy needs to do is break Kronius's rapier, therefore resetting the 'false' pieces and forcing the Spirit to retire into the timepiece for rest.

Another style which Kronius favours is surrounding the arena with his structures, allowing him to dash between them in case he needs to avoid inescapable attacks, or he can mentally detonate those structures to explode or change. As such, if foes allow Kronius to surround the field with his structures, he can launch himself into a flurry of chaining thrusts, dashing into opponents numerous of times before they can retaliate.


Kronius was a cunning and somewhat sassy individual who would either act impulsively or managed to calm himself and calculate his risks. He adopted a stoic expression after seeing countless number of deaths on battlefields, and a lot of his words would either come from his experiences or his theories based on experiences. Kronius was sometimes quiet and would try and act in a civil manner, but it was not uncommon that his emotions would get the better of him. He was also prone to anger and hate that he would not rest until he ‘returned the favour’. Kronius was not afraid to risk even his own life to carry out any given tasks, granting him an unpredictable personality who would try and challenge any adversaries he faced. He could even forge his own personality and act like he was a cheerful and immature adult, when all he really wanted to do was make them drop their guards so he could send a knife into them. Sometimes Kronius was very unforgiving that he would act like he would forgive, and at the last second, stab you in the back. He was that ruthless.

However, if anyone could approach and extend their hands to greet him as a friend, Kronius would slowly open up to them. All those who managed to befriend him, or all those that Kronius trusted well enough, would understand that Kronius’ anger and hate were merely by-products of a much deeper and colder sadness, though he wished not to speak of it any time soon. To his friends, Kronius was at least a little calmer and, although he would retain his cunning and mildly condescending nature, he cared for their wellbeing that he would not want to see them waste away their opportunities. Kronius had smiled here and there, but it was a rare sight, with smirking becoming the most common.

Even then, anything could happen with this guy around. Kronius had also learned from his mentor of mastering the arts of manipulation. He could have such a way with words that he could use innuendo or powers of suggestion to put two strong fighters against one another, while Kronius would then cash in on the opportunity. He had been known and accused to have used his friends as well to get something he believed to be of a greater benefit. To him, and his mentor, everything was a giant chess game. He would have to make sacrifices in order to achieve a desired effect. Overall, it was up to those he meets to determine if he would manipulate and use them like tools or not. General rule was to not get into his bad side.


-Peace and quiet


-Asked for his backstory
-Lazy bums
-High-and-mighty people

-His mother. Kronius, athough did love his mother and such, could not bring himself to the fact that he murdered her. Seeing her was a reminder of such, and would bring him flashes of the past.

-Forgetting his humanity potion’s expiration. Kronius was brought up to the belief that he was human with a certain disease that would turn him into a monster, and so required to drink a humanity potion to keep himself human. He did not want to lose grip of such or wanted it to run out while he was in a crowd of people, for example.

Mother – Vise (deceased)
Father – Unknown
Brother - Zium
Spouse: N/A
Heir: N/A
Kronius was an Archdragon, the oldest breed of dragons, with Vise as his mother by blood but Etiam, the hundred winged beast, as his birthmother. He suffered from Klinefelter Syndrome, rendering him infertile and developing female sex organs. Being brought up thinking he was human with another disease related to the Syndrome, Kronius regularly took humanising potion to keep his transformation into a ‘monster’ at bay.
Kronius’s history was wrought in mistakes and poor choices, making him the harbinger of anger and grief. When he obtained the timepiece, he trusted in the rumour that the treasures of the Archdragon, when gathered and pieced together, grants the wielder the ability to traverse back in time, up to their birth, while retaining their mind and mentality. This meant they can obtain more knowledge than what was possible in a lifetime and amend any choices they wished to change (ultimately travelling in a different branch of time). The downside to such power was the wielder loses possession of the timepieces (because they never have it to begin with) and would have to start over and recover them, should they want to change a previous decision once again. It becomes extremely tiresome, if the recovery is repeated, and generally the wielder becomes very depressed or insane with their perfect lifestyle if they abuse it. Kronius was willing to endure such risk, since he had a strong motivation to change one of his past decisions, and decided that whatever mistakes that happen after, it will not be worse than everything he went through. He wanted to save his mother. Since they were both the last Archdragons, and Kronius was infertile, only Vise could have revived the Archdragon species. That way, Kronius would never have become a dragonslayer and would live a normal (albeit better) and peaceful life. But as he lived on, maintaining that objective became difficult. He had friends he cared so much about, all had passed and all he wanted to go to and change something so they would be alive. He feared if he travelled back to the time of his birth, the new time branch would not permit him to see them again, let alone, become friends like they used to be. And that was when he discovered the depression that users would face.
During much of his childhood, Kronius was a cheerful and outgoing person who Vise had high expectations for. However, Vise was harsh on him as he harboured some resemblance of his father, who raped Vise and destroyed her womb. As Vise acted as a ‘guardian’ over Sympherna, Kronius hardly saw her and was left alone. With what little time Vise had with Kronius, she tried to convince him to her beliefs on both humans and dragons. When nothing worked, Vise was frustrated and seemingly abandoned Kronius to join the Government on the upper islands.
Kronius, in fact, loved the people around him and figured he had learned a lot from his isolation from his mother. He was mostly aided by his elder brother, Zium, and the two vowed to change Sympherna for the better. Kronius was a strong supporter for Sympherna’s ideals and believed every life should be treated equally, but the city had been corrupted in such a manner that the rich and more ‘valued’ people were more successful, while the poor and less valued individuals were left struggling. Kronius and Zium, at one point, tried to help a girl from being harassed by dragons, but nearly became victims themselves and nearly sparked a war between human and dragon. Vise saved them, expressed her disappointment and disciplined Kronius before leaving again. Kronius wanted to ask why she left him, but he got no answer.
Kronius found work fixing people’s watches, which he hoped to save enough money to study in the University of Arcane Medicine. One day visiting the university, he met Professor Chemia, her associates and one of Etiam’s remnant. Kronius spoke with Chemia, but was not well received, instead Chemia tried to discourage him from studying. As he left, he wondered how he could get Chemia’s favour. When he noticed a merchant selling a book titled Complete Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Herbs, he purchased and studied it intently.
At one point, war began with the dragons destroying some parts of the city. During that time, Kronius took the first aid equipment from a recently deceased medic and assisted nurses and medics. He also used his knowledge in medicinal herbs to his advantage but realised the trauma over seeing too many lives lost compared to the very few he helped, especially those of his friends which he failed to save. Kronius was met by Zium, who had taken the wounded Nythrel, Sympherna’s young queen, to meet with her long lost friend. Kronius escorted them to a safer place, but were cut off by dragons and forced to fight. Kronius, protecting Nythrel, was knocked out and began to suffer strange relapses, which initiated his slow transformation. Zium was left alone to fend of the dragons but was quickly overpowered. Realising his helplessness, Kronius despised the dragons and vowed to bring them down from their ‘throne’.
Kronius was revived and well drinking Etiam’s pool of her tears. Nythrel helped nursed him to health and told him what happened after he passed out. Zium was comatose but stable, and Nythrel discovered the reason behind this attack. Vise initiated the attack so she could kill the Prime Minister of Sympherna. Kronius went to confront his mother, demanding to know why did she leave him to the join the Government. When Vise gave no real answer, who told him that he was just as pathetic as everyone else, Kronius attacked her. Vise easily overpowered Kronius, who still insisted that everyone needed to be treated equally, not rich over poor, not even dragon over human. She spared Kronius and left for the upper islands, which Kronius swore to gain his wings, and when he does, Vise will have nowhere to run from him.
Professor Chemia visited Kronius’s watch-repairing shack to acknowledge his capabilities in saving Etiam’s people. During her visit, Kronius still insisted to study under her. Chemia then asked why he wanted to study medicine, especially of that resting in the more difficult and time-consuming area of magic. Kronius stated he loved the people around him and wanted to give everyone a fair treatment, should they suffer something that threatens their quality of life. He reminisced about what would happen if a person did not gain any treatment, the number of people they would have talked and may have helped. Chemia then demanded Kronius to be a scientist instead, and mentioned how people studying Arcane Medicine suffered. Kronius replied if he wanted to be a scientist, he would not have taken medic equipment to help all those around him. ‘To help people to stand, to laugh, to pass their knowledge, to help others stand in tough times,’ this was his ideals. Chemia then asked if he wanted power to control other people. If so, be a politician. People forget you once they are cured. If you want fortune, be an architect. Many who half-heartedly applied had left during the first semester. Chemia then said ‘the University of Arcane Medicine already has enough of your pride and lies taking up space for honest and passionate students.’ Before leaving. Kronius knelt before Chemia, begging her to take him in as her student, for his ideals came from his heart. Seeing people live all around him makes him happy—he wanted to help prolong their lives. Chemia then said Arcane Medicine was a powerful and extremely competitive field, probably because of the salary or of it being one of the very scarce fields requiring high achievers from Pre-Universities. So many had locked themselves in their rooms with nothing but books, and would only realise too late what little they know about the outside world—especially people. In fact, so little, that would no longer know themselves or their heart’s intent, and require other people to tell them what to do. Especially their parents. Chemia thought it was funny, and think the Pre-Universities should evaluate their curriculum. She then tells Kronius to complete Pre-University, gain his wings, and then meet her.
Kronius did what he was told, but was unable to sprout wings. The teachers simply stated his talents lied elsewhere and needed him to search it himself or face a life living in the lowest level of Sympherna. Kronius refused to listen and, instead, combined his time shack with a small clinic, where he helped those who could not afford proper treatment. Professor Chemia found Kronius and, eventually impressed with his dedication despite his talents obviously not lying on Medicine, took him to be a student in the University of Arcane Medicine, but on condition that he would also work for Chemia in secret and help her further her research. She then said should Kronius break, she would never forgive him. Kronius accepted.
Chemia helped Kronius with his residence and insisted he make a living with the residents of the upper island. As he studied, he realised Chemia seldom taught her students, and even if she did, she would only teach the basic principles of Arcane Medicine, about the responsibilities in how people use magic, especially in the field of Medicine. Above all, surprising Kronius, she condemned Arcane Medicine. Kronius realised what she meant but was surrounded by people with ambition to be strong, powerful or rich. Nonetheless, he continued his studies in a way that was different to his peers. When Kronius worked for Chemia, the professor was rarely around and would only leave Kronius’s task on the table of his designated laboratories. During clinic duties, Kronius was the only one who expressed compassion and true empathy for his patients, whereas everyone, he detected, were faked. Especially for the terminally ill patient with little money, Kronius was advised by his supervisors that the hospital beds were severely limited and should only be used for curable patients. Kronius decided to go against his supervisor and gave his patient the much needed care, much to the patient’s gratitude. He told Kronius that he had a family to feed, the only one working. When Kronius referred him for special drug treatment, he realised too late that the patient was executed instead under the orders of the supreme Dean of High Education. Kronius tried to complain to the supreme Dean, only to be rejected. He then tried to speak to Professor Chemia, who tells him this was the ways of Sympherna. When Kronius was vivid in keeping his stance on how people should not be chosen like that when it comes to life and health, Chemia then vowed to change the Government with Kronius.
Chemia eventually allowed Kronius to join her and her associates to help her ‘special patient’, well hidden from Sympherna. When Kronius followed them, he realised they were referring to Etiam herself, who would come to the third world for her ritual in Sympherna, but also to see Chemia. Chemia then revealed the history of her people and how they saved Etiam, and considered that the source of Sympherna’s power came from her.
Discovering what was revealed to her son, Vise resorted to revealing to Kronius what she really was. One night, Vise took Kronius to a deserted meadow, and there she transformed into an Archdragon and commanded Kronius to embrace his heritage. Kronius, shocked and at disbelief, yelled his refusal and ran. After that, Kronius and Vise were captured by the Project, an organisation ran under secrecy with the Symferontian leader, when they discovered what the two were.
In order to preserve the dignity of her line, Vise asked to be consumed by Etiam. Doing so caused Vise to go in a rampage and destroy the prison both she and Kronius were held. However, Kronius was reluctant to think it was his mother until he found her rapier, Oathsong, in her prison cell. Without any choice but to save everyone in Synferonta, Kronius fought and executed Vise, but not before she bit and injected her venom into her son, aggravating Kronius’s Archdragon heritage. Vise died with the words ‘forgive me my son. Our line must live.’ Still in shock over what he had done, and what was happening in his body, the remaining members of the Project found and dragged Kronius away. When he was at a safe distance, Vise’s body burst into flames and released a burst of magic that killed everyone near her.
The event traumatised him so much that he suffered amnesia from it and his personality was altered as he was taken to an orphanage in the desert to be trained as a ‘superhuman’. He was extremely defiant because of what they did to Vise and took a lot of punishment for it. He slept outside, starved, and ran laps around the desert—yet he would not break. Eventually one of the members had enough and tossed Kronius into their snakepit to be executed (enraging other members as Kronius was the only Archdragon left). However, Kronius’s blood was resistant to their venom and, instead, the snakes slithered into his bloodstream through their bites. The process was extremely painful that left Kronius screaming for hours, followed by extreme exhaustion as the poison coursed through him. He was eventually spared and but was unresponsive for a few days.

Before the Project could perform anymore test, the facility was discovered and destroyed by forces led by Zium, who had claimed his authority over Sympherna beside Nythrel. Kronius had disappeared and found himself in this world. (WIP whenever I feel like it)

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