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Site moved!

Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:01 pm by Zero

I've moved the site? Why? Because I used a much more customize-able free forum hosting website to recreate the site. This would explain most of my inactivity. I think it looks much better. Take a look! Which do you like better?

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Ideas, Ideas and More Ideas!

Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:34 pm by Zero

Ideas! I have some.. but I need more!

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Jirago The Venom King.

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Jirago The Venom King.

Post by Jirago on Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:35 pm

Salamander Form:

Humanoid/Lizard man form (minus the horns and, well, different eye color):
Lizard man:

Name: Jirago Saurer.
Alias: The Venom King.
Age: 22 years old.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Straight.
Species: Shapeshifter.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Guild/Organization/Team: Dragon Storm
Rank: Juggernaut.
Height: 32.8084 feet tall for Salamander form, 6'10 in Lizard man form.
Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Rugged, leathery black scales with light brown markings that is indeed very strong. If this was set in modernish times, his scales would be able to shrug off Tommy gun ammo, for the most part at least. Lizard man form still has the same coloration of sclaes, but he now has human skin, white in color.
Eyes: Amber.
Hair: Technically he does not have hair in Salamander form, but he does have it in Lizardman form. Short, blond hair to be exact.
Looks: With a dinosaur like body in Salamander form, Jirago has a stout and powerful, yet light build, he was made for combat. Baring the scars of old battles, mostly around his sides and facial regions, he sure shows it. Lizard man form on the other hand, though still strong, is nowhere near as powerful. He usually wears Baggy pants and a plain white shirt in Lizard Man form.
Weapons: N/A.
Items: N/A.

Hobbies/skills: Jirago, being a predator, is naturally a skilled hunter. He also is very patient.
Strengths: Having powerful, armor piercing jaws of the maximum of  53,936.5 newtons, which is equal to a 5.5 ton elephant sitting on you, but that's definitely not all of his terrible jaw reputation. A mixture of both a powerful venom and Bacteria, just a simple nip wont just cause severe pain (feels like napalm on the wound) but it can cause, disorientation, lose of blood pressure by widening blood vessels, thereby making the victim go into shock, and even temporary paralysis  in some cases. His arms are also powerful, being able to lift up 5 ton boulders with ease, and even have the ability to rip through hard dirt and stone with ease. The tail of Jirago can easily level a small building due to it's masculinity. In Lizard man form however, he is definitely not as strong, but still pretty strong compared to a human. And to top it all off, he is kind of a hard nut to crack, meaning he isn't going to be spilling and secrets.
-Large size in Salamander form can hinder him when fighting smaller opponents.
-Not exactly the fastest large creature, only being able to go up to 25 MPH in small bursts (which is pretty slow compared to other large creatures, especially in small bursts).
-Slow and sluggish in the mornings, so has to warm up before anything major.
-Ice attacks will to a hell of a lot more damage due to his cold blooded nature.
-Lizard man form isn't as strong as his Salamander form.
-Looses venom in Lizard man form all together.
Special abilities: The ability to shapeshift to Salamander to Lizard man at any given moment, that kind of counts as a special ability, right? He also can taste the air, using his forked tongue to either find prey, or people who want to attack him.
Salamander form- Biting, slashing, tail whipping, and stomping.
Lizard man form- Punching, kicking, tail whipping.
Combat style: No real combat style to say the least, just brute strength.

Personality: Though he might look mean on first glance, he really is a nice guy, for the most part at least. Though he is friendly to his teammates, he isn't exactly welcoming to other people, especially obnoxious twits. He usually just tries to flat out ignore them, but he can in deed loose his patience when pushed to the limit, though this does not usually happen. He also holds grudges fir long periods of time. So it is best to not to try and antagonize him without any good reason.
Likes: Meat, other reptiles, combat, being strong, training, reading most books, mostly about lizards, and sweets, honey to be exact.
Dislikes: Vegetation (minus berries), people who mess with him or his team, being disturbed when he is trying to absorb heat, being cold, and people taking things from him without permission, bystander or teammate.
Fears: He fears that he might accidentally cause a friend/ally great pain or death because of his venom and also fears his teammates, or even other people in some cases, reject him because of his predatory nature.

Relatives: Unknown.
Spouse: N/A
Heir: N/A

Backstory: He used to be a normal Salamander, doing his usually business of hunting, living, etc. But one day he was taken from his jungle home, and was suppose killed and taken apart, where they would use his meat as food, his scales as armor, and his venom as poisonous arrows. This failed however when he decided that today was not the day to die, and used all of his strength to break out, but not before killing everybody who dared to take him from his home. After a few years of living in the new environment, he would find a abandoned wizard's house, where he would spot what appears to be a glowing mushroom covered piece of meat lying on the ground. Thinking this would be a free meal, he would eat it... then he would get horrible indigestion before he would start changing into a more humanoid form. He now resides in Dragon Storm, with new found intelligence because of the thing he ate.

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Re: Jirago The Venom King.

Post by Zero on Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:47 pm

Keeper of Souls, Punisher of Sins
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